WIP: Apologies

No, that’s not the title of the piece I’m working on, but it is what I want to do here. I’ve been busy with some things and forgot to have something ready for y’all yesterday.

I’m working on a new book in what will be a series of books about different characters. That’s all the more I want to say about that right now. It’s my NaNo 2021 project and so far it’s going beautifully. I had a rough start and on day 2 I started a new document and began all over again. Over the weekend I managed to not only get caught up, but managed to get ahead and I am aiming to stay that way.

This is the first year since I started that I’m going in with only the barest hint of plot in my head and really letting my characters guide the way and for this project, it’s working.

I could seriously rant for ages about how things are going and make this a brainstorming post as well, but then that would give too much away. 😉 For now, stay safe everyone.


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