Real Talk

Okay, while this post is serious it’s not serious enough to have THAT face on the bitmoji for the featured image. Please roll your eyes and know that I’m rolling mine because that’s the closest I could come to an appropriate image for this post. If you don’t want to read everything look for the TLDR in bold.

Before I started my current job in February 2020 I worked at a library. I worked with the public. And it was NO secret that I wrote. I had quite a few people who asked me about it and who talked about their writing with me. And, like everyone who writes, I got the “I’d like to do that” line. Now, I’m not talking about the people who say they don’t have the time to write. I’m talking about people who don’t think they CAN write. Those who don’t think they’d be any good. Who don’t think they can write for one reason or another.

I hate that.

I love writing. I love talking about writing. But if you tell me you can’t write I’m going to tell you do it anyway. If you want to write, do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s any good or not! What matters is if you get it out. If you have a story that’s rattling around in your head or your heart and you want to get it on paper or the computer screen then please do it. I don’t care how you write it. I don’t care where you write it (unless you’re writing it in some illegal fashion, please don’t do that).

Why do I do this?

When I told people I wanted to write they told me there was no money in it. That there was no living to be made. Is there? So far it’s not going to be the only thing I do to pay the bills, not by any means. But is it something I enjoy? So, so very much. I will lose so much time working on books and poems and I love it. The only thing I’d trade it for is being with my partner more, but he encourages me to write. We were talking about something and I said riding, but he though I said writing and immediately asked if I wanted to go write. I love that man. ❤

TLDR: If you want to write, do it. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t and don’t think you shouldn’t. If you feel like you need permission I grant it. Want it in real time? Contact me. I’m also on Discord, Razor13#4244


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