TV Rec: Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t judge me. My sister got me into Grey’s Anatomy years ago and I can’t stop watching it. I’ve gone through and binged this show I don’t know how many times. The synopsis on IMDB doesn’t do this show justice, but they can’t give more than that because being in season 18 you’d have to update it all the time.

Grey’s Anatomy starts by following Meredith Grey on her journey learning medicine by working in the field at a learning hospital where her mother had worked. As the seasons grow and change so do the characters and the medical issues they deal with. Yes, they’re currently doing pandemic episodes, but that’s the world we’re in right now anyway.

I’m minorly obsessed with this show. Yes, I’m aware there’s a book by the same title. Yes, I want a copy. At least one copy. Yes, I’ve flipped through the book. Don’t judge me… Let me enjoy my medical dramas. ❤


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