Overdue Updates

Hello everyone! I’m long overdue for an update, I know. Work got the better of me. We’re about to go into our 8th week of overtime. Someone please send help.

Last month I attended an author fair at a local library along with two of my friends and while I didn’t get a lot done with my books I was able to make some connections that I’m happy with. The writing community isn’t small by any means, but it’s always nice when you add more people to your own little circle.

Not long after that I found out that two of the three poems I submitted to a local writing contest tied against each other for first place. It was also noted to me that the judge was impressed with my third poem. Now I just wait to see when the reception is and cross my fingers (and toes) that it doesn’t fall on the same evening as another author fair I’ve applied to attend. I should be accepted since I’ve been at the previous two this library has hosted and I attend their writing group.

I’ve also released Reflections after what feels like forever!

That’s all for the time being. I’m going to *try* and have a post every 1st and 3rd Wednesday and maybe by June 7th I’ll have some updates and information about some other things I’ll be able to share details of with you. By for now everyone.


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