Routines & Frustrations

When I started figuring out when to post more again I told myself I would try to keep everything writing related in some way, shape, or form. With that being said this post WILL have writing information, but there’s going to be a larger section that, while writing related, is going to be a little rambly…

Upcoming event!

Don’t forget on April 22nd I’ll be at Eckhart Public Library in Auburn, IN for their Authors Fair event. I’ll have copies of Because I Am Awake and Poems for the Twilight Hours for sale. If you already have my books feel free to stop on by and say hi and get your book(s) signed as well! This event will also have author panels and I’ll be on the poetry one! If you’re curious who all will be there click the link for details.

My new book “Reflections” will not be available to purchase during this event, but that’s because my plan is to release the book on April 30th, 2023. So keep your eyes open on my social media for release updates.

I’m currently trying to get back into more routines with my writing, so there may or may not be some updates on how that goes. April is National Poetry Month as well as Camp NaNoWriMo so I’ve got not one, but two projects happening currently. Well… More than just those two projects, but I’ve only got two listed on NaNoWriMos website. I’ll be starting edits on one of my fiction novels, “One Rainy Night” (finally, I know some of you are probably screaming at your devices) and writing a poem a day for the month. Let’s see how I do with this.

I have decided on another poetry book already, but no details yet for that. One thing at a time. I’ve got a growing list of projects that I’m going to have to start making a list for.

That’s all for now folks. Thank you for bearing with me on this journey. I know I’m not always the most consistent writer. Know that I appreciate you all.


Now… For the rambling…

I get approached online by some people asking if I can read and review for them. I will GLADLY do this if I have the time depending on what you have. I post the review on Amazon and Goodreads if the book is in both places. I love being asked to do this and at least one of the authors/poets who has approached me got added to my list to continue reading!

But there are things you can/should do, and things you absolutely should NOT do if you’re asking someone to review for you.

Last year I was approached by a “poet” about reviewing between one and three of her books. Cool, no problem. We were starting to get busy at work, and I told her I did not know how soon I could get to it. That did not seem to be a problem at the time. This poet continues to send me the same links to download her books at least three times, even after I sent a screenshot showing I had them on my Kindle app. If I remember correctly I informed her when I did finally get to reading through one of her books and posting my review on Goodreads and Amazon. While I didn’t fully dislike it, it was very jumbled and I couldn’t fully tell if it was supposed to be a story written in verse, poetry, or some weird mix of the two. I had trouble reading more than a few pages at a time. My review states honestly I was approached for honest review. I do this for all review requests.

Months later I’ve gotten MORE emails from her. There is also at least one review that I found posted months before I was approached the first time stating that this “poet” spams emails. And that is 100% accurate for what this person is doing. I did end up sending an email response at one point to an email she sent saying if you’ve already reviewed to disregard the message and my reply said I’m not going to do that because she will just keep spamming me. From there I have blocked her. Not just marked as spam, but full on blocked this person from contacting me again.

Guys… If you’re going to ask about reviews, do NOT spam the person or people you’re asking! In general it’s a rude thing to do, but it also makes you look like a child and the writing community does start to talk about it so others know if they are contacted by you not to engage with you. I’m not dropping her name here, but I felt the need to say something about this mess.

Short version, I’ll be happy to read and review for you, but don’t hound me or anyone else about it. I love reading for reviews and Beta reading. I’ll keep doing it, but I will not go anywhere near this “poet” again.


2 thoughts on “Routines & Frustrations

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty interesting how people can feel entitled sometimes. They just email you asking for favours, and sometimes they don’t even know your name. Great on you for broaching on this topic. More people should know this!

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