WIP January 2022

Apologies, I know this post is a week late and I’m not posting a book recommendation this week. While life isn’t as chaotic at this moment it was in December. I’m typing this post on Wednesday as I sit in my car before going into a dental appointment.

I am currently working on a project or three, but it’s odd. I’m working on the Wolfhaven series still, but it’s more planning and plotting than anything at this moment because book 3 will be written this year and I’m back to being excited about it. I’ve halfway got a poetry project in the works but don’t know details about it at this moment as it needs reworked and I need to get more interested in it again.

Probably my favorite project right now is one I’m not writing, but one I’m critiquing! Which I’m behind on critiquing, but he’s aware of this and my plan as we talk daily or almost daily. He has a few projects going right now too and I’m going to be sharing some links to his work(s) hopefully later this month so you all can enjoy his writing too.

Outside of my writing projects I do have some new post ideas and maybe even a few thoughts for changes to the site, so bear with me? I know I have a tendency to change things almost annually or biannually.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks. See you in a week with a new post.


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