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Many, if not all, of you saw my last post in November, Overwhelmed. This will be my only post for December. Come January I plan on getting back to my planned posting schedule so you’ll hear from me more regularly again.

What’s been happening? That’s an excellent question with an incredibly long answer. The short of it is during November and December a lot has gone on. Death in the family, personal life issues, and my mental health TANKED.

The longer of it… My paternal grandmother passed away in 2012 and her favorite niece suddenly fell ill and after a diagnosis I will not share (that’s not my business to share) instead of getting a couple of weeks with her, her family got one. We’ve been mandated to work Sundays lately and I got to work and thought I should call *cousin* to visit *cousin*. We get 3 breaks for a full day of work. While on first break, 2 hours after I clocked in, a friend asked me how my ill relative was and then I received a text from my mother that she passed away that morning.

The vehicle I got earlier this year (I think about 6 months at the time I’m writing this?) needed to have repairs that ended up costing about $1600.00 in the span of 2-3 weeks.

Add that to issues in my personal life and you’ve got a recipe for my mental health taking a nosedive. Despite all the chaos my life has been lately, my partner, Vitca, has been wonderful (even if we haven’t both felt it all the time). There have been some of my friends who have also been wonderful, but the one who stands out most for me is D. Once he starts sharing the project he’s been working on I’m going to be sharing at least one link (possibly several). I’ve known him for years (I think a decade at this point), but he kept me working on my novel in November, so for those of you who know about my Wolfhaven series you can thank him that book 2 exists. I’ve been helping him through his stories lately and one thing that always keeps me going is talking about stories and working on them. You can also thank a couple of my friends at work that I know how this series is going to end.

The end result… While I’m not at the level of being okay yet, I will get there. May you all have a safe and happy holiday season. I will see you in 2022.


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