Book Rec: Angel of the Overpass

Angel of the Overpass by Seanan McGuire is one of the many books I’ve read recently.

I’m a fan of McGuire’s work and have been since I found her writing as Mira Grant.

If you’re familiar with ghost stories you’ve likely heard of the prom night ghost. If you haven’t… Basically it’s the story that a girl died on prom night either on her way home or to the prom and now on prom nights she seeks a ride and when you get to the house you’ll find out she died x number of years ago on that very night. She doesn’t harm those who give her a lift, if you give her a jacket or something because she’s cold it’s on the seat she was in when she vanishes from the car.

It’s actually a neat tale, but McGuire has taken this on a different route. This trilogy (start with Sparrow Hill Road) is about tat girl, Rose. You go back and forth between the human world and the spirit world to put it in the simplest words. If you like tales that are mildly scary but really fun and engaging, take a look at this trilogy. McGuire has yet to disappoint me with her work and I always look forward to more.

If you read or have read something by McGuire (or any of her pen names) please let me know. I’d love to know your thoughts on her writing.


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