Back in March I released “I Know Me” and I’ve been working on the follow up book, “I Know You”. Sadly as I sit here writing this post I haven’t really made any progress on the book. I’m roughly a quarter of the way done with writing what I’ve got planned for it. And that sucks. I need to kick my rear into gear and get writing these poems so I can release this book (and work on the third and final book, “I Know Us”. I do have a cover ready for “I Know You”.

That said, I’ve got a few plans aside from the two books coming mentioned above.

To do:

  • Finish writing the poems
  • Type said poems
  • Format for publishing
  • Preview/Test
  • Publish

Initially I wrote this when I hadn’t made any progress in “I Know You”. Well, I’m typing this part Friday night, the post goes live Sunday and I just finished the book. I still have to type and format and everything, but the writing is done. I also have 13 piece titles ready for book 3, “I Know Us”. Hopefully that one goes a LOT faster.

Wish me luck.


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