I’m going to try and keep this from being too lengthy, but it’s been almost a year so bear with me…

Why has it been so long? That’s a good question. I didn’t release any books last year, I didn’t post like I had planned, and I went dark on most social media for my writing for a while.

I have been writing. No worries on that front. I plan on releasing a new book this year. More to come on that in my next post which should be next month. I’m going to try and dive into everything and do better.

In 2022 I struggled. A lot. I had vehicle issues, work was kind of busy (more than that it had moments during our busy season where I was exhausted), and more than that I lost a friend I saw daily.

I am not small by any means. Last year I started trying to do better for myself. Just as I was trying to make changes and get into a routine one of my friends got sick and she passed away. That’s a very short version of it. I was there when she died. My friend getting sick and my mental state around that time after having lost a family member months before who I hadn’t gotten to see… I started slipping and let old habits back into place. Feeling like I couldn’t handle changes and make changes and everything happening in my world took a large toll on me. Both physically and mentally.

Recently I’ve started diving harder into the final stages of a project and thoughts of a new project and I recognize this as me thinking I’m not doing enough. This year I have a different style of goals. My best example is instead of “lose weight” or “lose x pounds” I have “improve relationship with food”.

I will do better for myself this year and make changes I can keep up on. Last year felt like one thing after another, but I survived. Take time for yourself. Take care of not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. We are not alone. 🫂❤️ Love and hugs.


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