Poem: Chains


They’re bound all around us
And yet we do not see them.
They are weighing us down
And yet they weigh nothing at all.
They are cold and yet,
We do not feel them.
These chains are around
Us every single day of our lives
And yet they do not stop us, but
If anything speed us up.
Our lives are fading quickly
And yet we have long to live.
Yet it is still too long for our
Chains to be removed.
When will this happen?
None of us really know.

“Chains” was one of the first poems I ever wrote and to this day I feel it is one of my more iconic pieces. That might just be me though. I wrote this when I was 12 or 13 years old. It is one of the only pieces I remember where and when I wrote it. Not an exact date or time or anything that detailed.

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