Welcome Back with a WIP

If you’ve been following me for a while you might notice some changes. Big changes.

I archived everything (I didn’t realize I started writing here in 2013), changed the layout and pages, and the site is now hrshavor.com (did you notice?)

With that said, I’m back! Posting schedule will be different and more organized! (Hopefully.)

If you’re not familiar with writing and art terms wip stands for work in progress. I’ve currently got a handful of those (I usually do), but I’m going to talk about book 2 in the “I Know” series that started with I Know Me.

Book 2 is titled “I Know You”. Book 3 will be called “I Know Us”. I do have a cover ready for book 2, but I do not have one set for book 3 yet and I won’t be working on that until I get through writing book 2.

My plan for all 3 books in this series is that they will be the same number of pieces, only available in Kindle format, and each book will be $0.99.

Currently I’m somewhere between a quarter and a third done with the book. I’m handwriting these pieces before typing them all up so this takes a little bit of time.

What I’m currently working on:

  • I Know You
  • another poetry book
  • writing group reviewing a book
  • Another book that I’m going to do edits and rewrites on when I figure out a better schedule for everything.

There are more projects that I’ve got going on, but this is just what I’m mentioning here for the time being.

That’s all for now folks. Hope you are all well.


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