Poem: Can I Spend Tonight in Your Arms?

Some months have 5 Sundays and May is one of those months this year. When there is a 5th Sunday in a month I plan on posting something such as an extra poem for the month or a writing prompt of some sort that catches my attention.

This poem is one of my personal favorites even though I wrote it some time ago. It’s in my book Because I Am Awake

Can I Spend Tonight in Your Arms?

Can I stay tonight in your arms?
Bathing in your warmth?
Can I tell you that “I love you”
Nah, that just doesn’t seem enough.
Can I spend tonight within your arms?
Cuddled close and nuzzled against you.
Forever in your love?
Would it scare you if I asked it?
No matter the answers,
Or what anyone might say
Can I spend tonight in your arms?


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